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Six Wrapper Bar Gift Box

# 6WB-D 5 day production time$18.60 - $20.61 | Min Qty 50

The only thing better than one of our famous homemade chocolate wrapper bars is a handsome gift set containing SIX! Share it with friends or keep them all to yourself. Order the 1-3/4oz bars customized with your logo in milk or dark chocolate, with full-color graphics on the wrappers with a clear lid to show them off and choose between silver or gold foil with a coordinating stretch bow. Kosher certification available. Dimensions: Bar 5" x 2", Box 9 1/4" x 6 1/4". Keywords: Ad, Advertise, Advertised, Advertisement, Advertisements, Advertising, Boxed, Boxes, Businesses, Cacao, Campaign, Campaigns, Candies, Candy, Child, Children, Chocolates, Chocolatey, Chocolatier, Chocolatiers, Chocolaty, Cocoa, College, Colleges, Companies, Company, Confections, Conference, Corporate, Customizable, Customize, Customized, Eat, Eating, Edible, Edibles, Education, Educational, Event, Events, Fair, Fairs, Favor, Favors, Festival, Food,Foods, Gift, Gifts, Giveaway, Giveaways, Goodie, Goodies, Holidays, Hotel, Hotels, Imprinted, Imprinting, Imprints, In, In., Inch, Inches, Individual, Individually, Individuals, Kid, Kids, Logos, Market, Marketing, Meeting, Meetings, Mitzvah, Mitzvahs, Movie, Movies, Occasion, Occasions, Office, Offices, Ounce, Ounces, Oz, Package, Packaged, Packages, Packaging, Party, Parties, Personalize, Personalized, Presentation, Presentations, Promo,Promote, Promotes, Promotion, Promotions, Promotional, Reception, Receptions, Recycle, Recycled, Resorts, School, Schools, Seminar, Seminars, Show, Snack, Snacks, Student, Students, Sugar, Sweets, Trade show, Tradeshow, Tradeshows, Treats, Valentine, Valentines, Wedding, Weddings, Wrap, Wrapper, Wrapped, Wrapping

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